I made a resolution to work on bettering myself this year. So each month, I plan to challenge myself to do something that I feel will help make me a better person emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Last month’s challenge was to stop eating meat. With this challenge, I was able to eat seafood but no chicken, beef, or pork. This challenge started off sort of difficult but became much easier toward the end. At the end of the challenge, I felt lighter and with more energy. Therefore, this is something I will try to continue with my overall life. I will stop eating red meat and pork but I will add in chicken. I craved chicken the entire month!

So my challenge for April is to read 3 books. I love reading but I have no time to actually do it. Everyone recommends audible, an app that allows you to listen to books, as an alternative. And although I think it is helpful, it doesn’t compare with the sense of solace that I get from actually reading a good old-fashioned book. I also like that I can highlight, turn corners, and use post-its with a regular book. So I decided to challenge myself to read 3 books this month. I plan to find 30 minutes a day, either before I start my day or before I go to bed, to read. I also have a couple of trips coming up this month that will allow me to find some time.

When deciding on the books that I wanted to read, I knew that I wanted something that would help me focus on bettering myself, bettering my future and career, and something for pure fun. So the three books I decided on were “The Spark and the Grind”, “Second House from the Corner”, and “You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”. I have also started to log my reading on Goodreads to hold me accountable to my goals.

  1. The Spark and the Grind. I decided on this book because I find that I am always struggling on how to be a creative. And once I come up with ideas, I struggle with bringing those ideas to fruition. This book helps you to understand the importance of creating that initial spark and working hard to ignite that flame. This book is supposed to teach you how to constantly create and produce great work at the same time.
  2. Second House from the Corner. I was drawn to this book because it is a fiction book that is about a stay-at-home mom who is overwhelmed with everything. It’s a novel of marriage, secrets, and lies. In this book, Felicia(the main character), is faced with her past that could potentially ruin her present and future.
  3. You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. Doesn’t the title say it all? I am all about being the best I can be this year and going forward. I needed a book that would remind me of ways to remain positive and live a great life. This book better live up to its name!

I would love to hear your book recommendations. Anyone reading any great books currently?