Monday’s Mood: Keep Smiling graphic

Monday’s Mood: Keep Smiling

Happy Monday!!! This weekend was very grey and depressing with all the events that occurred in Virginia. Watching the news and reading all that happened just proves how divided our country is and how much hatred is felt due to race. It made me so sad for the future, for my kids, and just the […]

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: Friday Faves graphic

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: Friday Faves

Happy Happy Friday! If you know me, you know that I live for the weekend. And I’m kind of unsure why because I am not off on the weekends. But a little part of me still feels like the weekend is a time to unwind and reflect on the happenings of the week. This week […]

Floral Kimonos graphic

Floral Kimonos

Are you tired of this trend yet? Well, neither am I. I love floral prints and can’t get enough of this floral kimono trend. Every fashion blogger has been seen in one so I naturally wanted to stay away. But it just kept calling me.   Well, I found a way to be slightly different […]

Monday’s Mood: Loving the Age Gap graphic

Monday’s Mood: Loving the Age Gap

Happy Monday folks!!! This weekend was super busy for us, as we celebrated Zoie’s birthday poolside with family and friends. While going through all the pictures from the weekend, I started to think of all the reasons why I love the four year age gap between Zoie and Zack. When I was younger, I always […]

Effortless graphic


Happy Thursday!! Hope you all are having a great week! This week seems to be going by so slowly for me. I guess it’s because I am ready to be poolside with Zoie and family on Saturday. This outfit reflects my mood and effort…. effortless! Some days, you want to look nice and put together […]

Guess Who Turns 6 Today? graphic

Guess Who Turns 6 Today?

I can’t believe I have a 6-year-old!!! It is so insane to me! Zoie turns 6 today and I can’t help but be emotional thinking back to these last 6 years. I have been blessed with a beautiful, smart, loving, charismatic, and funny daughter. Zoie loves her friends, family, dancing, writing, and TALKING(lol). She is […]

5 Reasons I Enjoy Blogging! graphic

5 Reasons I Enjoy Blogging!

It has been about 6 months since I’ve begun my blog. And while I am super proud of myself for sticking to something that I love and enjoy, I do sometimes question my overall purpose and goal. There are times when I could be hard on myself and question what others may think or have […]

Life Lately…. graphic

Life Lately….

This summer is going by way too fast for me. It’s exactly a week away from my daughter’s 6th birthday and I have nothing planned. Shame on me! And I haven’t even been to the beach once for the entire summer. So what have I been up to?? Mostly working… a little TV (I’m caught […]

Inspiration vs. Envy: How to Overcome the Need to Compare? graphic

Inspiration vs. Envy: How to Overcome the Need to Compare?

via GIPHY We have all experienced it at some point or another. You look at someone on IG and question why they have such a perfect body, how they got so many followers, or how they could work with such amazing brands. These are all great questions and they are normal to question and consider. […]