5 Reasons I Enjoy Blogging! graphic

5 Reasons I Enjoy Blogging!

It has been about 6 months since I’ve begun my blog. And while I am super proud of myself for sticking to something that I love and enjoy, I do sometimes question my overall purpose and goal. There are times when I could be hard on myself and question what others may think or have […]

Life Lately…. graphic

Life Lately….

This summer is going by way too fast for me. It’s exactly a week away from my daughter’s 6th birthday and I have nothing planned. Shame on me! And I haven’t even been to the beach once for the entire summer. So what have I been up to?? Mostly working… a little TV (I’m caught […]

Inspiration vs. Envy: How to Overcome the Need to Compare? graphic

Inspiration vs. Envy: How to Overcome the Need to Compare?

via GIPHY We have all experienced it at some point or another. You look at someone on IG and question why they have such a perfect body, how they got so many followers, or how they could work with such amazing brands. These are all great questions and they are normal to question and consider. […]

Happy 4th of July + Amazing Holiday Deals! graphic

Happy 4th of July + Amazing Holiday Deals!

H&M Patterened Dress / Converse Chuck Taylor / Forever 21 Distressed Denim Jacket Happy Fourth of July, everyone!!! Hopefully everyone can enjoy this day off with friends and family at barbecues, cookouts, or enjoying firework shows. I actually work today until 2 but I am not complaining because I just came from a week Disney vacation. So back to […]

How to Create a Work-Life Balance? graphic

How to Create a Work-Life Balance?

Is there a such thing as work-life balance? I constantly ask myself as I try to juggle it all: my 9-5 job, parenting and kids, and working on my passion. I feel like when I am giving my all at work and everything is going great there, my home life takes a hit and I […]

A Weekend in Philly graphic

A Weekend in Philly

Just imagine… A weekend away… Without kids, in a different state, with hubby and friends! Then add good food, good music, nice hotel, and alcoholic beverages… Sounds like a good time. Well, thats the weekend that we had in Philly. Friday night, we took the kiddies to their grandparents. We packed up our bags and […]

Summer White graphic

Summer White

Hello loves! Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it is officially summertime! So that means more summer whites! I am not a believer in the “No white after Labor Day rule” but I do love the look of white clothes in summer. My favorite white summer items are distressed denim, skirts, and dresses. […]

Best Summer Dresses under $50 graphic

Best Summer Dresses under $50

Happy Monday loves!! Can you believe that May is almost over and we are less than 100 days away from summer? I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Unfortunately, I worked all weekend. But I did get some time to myself Saturday night while the kids spent time with their grandparents. Knowing that summer is […]

Blush Outfits graphic

Blush Outfits

There is something about the color, blush, that just makes me feel so girly. I am usually not a super girly-girl and usually shy away from pink. But this shade of pink gives me a girly feel in a sophisticated way. Below, I am showing some of the blush pieces I am loving. Click the […]