Dear Zack,

Happy 2nd Birthday!!! I can’t believe how quickly these 2 years have flown by. Everything happened so fast and I wish I could’ve slowed down to enjoy the moments more. So today on your birthday we are going to have a great day. We are going to have cupcakes in daycare, go to Billy Beez amusement park, and have cake and ice cream with your grandparents.


You are the silliest, busiest, most energetic little boy that I have ever encountered. You constantly keep me on my toes running after you. I give you all the credit for any weight I have lost because I am always moving with you. You are also the most lovable boy, always giving me hugs and kisses and telling me you love me. You are the best little brother because you are very protective of Zoie and will give her your last so she won’t be upset. I can’t imagine my life without the fun and energy that you bring.


On today and the days to follow, I promise to live in the moments more. I promise to take more pictures, laugh more, dance more, color more, sing more. We will celebrate every day like its your birthday. I don’t want the next couple of years to fly by as quickly as these have. Love you!!! Have a Happy Birthday!!



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