It is SOOO hard for me to part with clothes (and things). I still have dresses from college that remind me of something Snooki or J-Woww would wear from Jersey Shore. But I do believe that you have to let go of the old to make room for the new. And although I don’t subscribe to the “If you haven’t worn it in 2 years, you probably won’t” rule, I know there are things in my closet that I definitely won’t wear.

So as I go through this task, I need to decide on a plan to take on this challenge. I need a few rules to help me decide what stays and what goes. These are the rules and deciding factors that I’ve come up with to help me through my tough decisions:

1.TRY IT ON. Does it still fit me? If it is too big, I am definitely getting rid of it. I have no plans to gain weight to fit anything. If it is too small, it moves into my maybe pile.


2.TAKE PICTURES IN IT. Take a bunch of pictures in the item and look at the pictures a few hours or a few days later. If I look at the picture and think it looks good, I keep. If not, it goes.


3.CREATE AN OUTFIT WITH IT. Try to put together a look with the item. If I can’t find anything already in my wardrobe to wear with it, it goes. If I can come up with an outfit that I love, it stays.


4.ASK SOME QUESTIONS. Why do I want to keep it? If I saw this in the store tomorrow, would I buy? Is this my style? Use this list to help decide.



When I am done, I will have a pile of 3: keep, sell/donate, maybe. For everything I decide to keep, I would like to give one thing away. For the items that I decide to sell, I will post on Poshmark and utilize the money gained for savings. And for the maybe items, I will leave them in a pile for a month. If I think about them, I will keep. If not, it goes!


How do you decide when to let go? Let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Downsizing My Wardrobe: How to Decide What Goes”

  1. Loved your tips for deciding what goes, especially taking a picture of it. I haven’t tried that idea before but will definitely try that. Being that the seasons are changing now, I need to definitely clean out my closet. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Every season I try to become a minimalist and its a constant struggle. Every time I get rid of clothes, I just buy more-lol. I’m going to try your great tips and stick to it.

  3. This is so challenging for me, but I always feel great once I’ve purged! I never thought about taking pictures in my old clothes. That’s something I’ll have to try next time I’m cleaning out my closet!

  4. Ugh… this is so hard. I have hoarder tendencies when it comes to my “things”. I keep everything. But the seasons are changing and I have gained a lot of weight, I need to really purge my closets.

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