As soon as October rolls around, Zoie is on a mission for 2 things: pumpkin picking and Halloween.

We got the Halloween costumes and next up was a day at the pumpkin patch. Last year, we went with her class for a trip but this year I was on my own.

We went to a really nice farm in South Jersey called Happy Day Farm.

This farm is full of activities for the kids so it was a day of fun. We picked pumpkins, watched pig races, saw farm animals, and ate a lot of fun foods like funnel cake and pizza.

Our first order of business was to pick the juiciest pumpkin we could find. So we grabbed our wheelbarrow and headed out to the patch.

This was Zack’s first year going but he had a good time. In the beginning he didn’t want to get out of the wagon. He was not amused by the pumpkins. But once Zoie gave him a small one and he saw a tractor he could climb on, he warmed up a little.

We had a pretty good time searching for the best pumpkins and stopping every few minutes to take a bunch of pictures. What’s a trip to the pumpkin patch with no photos? haha Well Zack and Zoie were not for the photo ops. Well here are some of the pictures that we managed to capture:

It was an overall fun day for all. Once we got home, Zoie was anxious to paint, carve, and decorate her pumpkin. It was a little late so her and her dad started the project. They only had time to carve it. She is still on a mission to paint and decorate. Here is what they did so far:

Have you made it to the pumpkin patch this year? I would love to see your pictures of you and the little ones. I made out with one pic from the day!

Have a great day!!! XOXO


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