Hello!!! It’s officially the end of the week and I am excited for the weekend. I don’t know why but Friday’s are my favorite day of the week! Because I work on weekends, Friday isn’t the end of my work week but it is the end of a week of prepping lunches, doing homework, and the hustle and bustle with the kids. So Fridays are my days to chill and I’m all for it.

What better way to bring in this fall Friday than with floral? Ive always loved floral prints but fall florals are definitely my thing. It was a bit chilly so I decided to layer this top with a simple cardigan, metallic flats, and tan hat. And voila, I’m ready for a fall day of fashion and adventure.

What are your weekend plans? Well enjoy and check out the products I’m wearing (or similar) in the links below!

Until next time! XOXO