Happy Friday loves!!!


So i have truly been enjoying this blogging world but can’t help but notice how easy it is to constantly compare myself with other bloggers who are doing big things.


I am competitive by nature. When I was younger, I was always competing for the best grades, the best clothes, the best of everything. But now that I am no longer a child, I am beginning to realize that I need to focus on me. The people at the top don’t spend their time focusing on others. They spend their time perfecting their craft. They are busy practicing, reading, writing, etc.


I am beginning to realize if I put as much energy into my blog as I do studying others, I can do amazing things, as well.


I am realizing that I am just… me! And I was put on this earth to be myself and to always strive to be better as a person. We, as females, must learn to support each other, congratulate each other, and learn from each other. You will never benefit from others if you are only focused on being better than them.


If you have trouble accepting this idea, here are some things you can try to be comfortable with you:

  1. Write down some of your talents and attributes that make you special and unique.
  2. Take the time to sincerely compliment someone that would normally be a threat or competition for you.
  3. REMEMBER that GOD made you special, just the way you are. So keep working, keep grinding, and you are on your way to GREATNESS!


Have an amazing day!



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