We have all experienced it at some point or another. You look at someone on IG and question why they have such a perfect body, how they got so many followers, or how they could work with such amazing brands. These are all great questions and they are normal to question and consider. The issue lies in how you approach these concerns. If you approach them from a place of comparison, you will quickly self-destruct and become unmotivated. If you approach from a place of inspiration, you will look for the steps and techniques that are necessary to get to that place and further.

Because let’s be honest…. There will always be someone more successful than you. So instead of hating and being bitter, use that person as a source of strength and inspiration. Reach out to that person to find out some of their best practices and for any advice that they may have. There are so many people who would love to share their stories of success. Utilize these people as a resource.

This is not a holier than thou post because I go through the comparison struggle, also. This has been the sole reason that I have given up on many things that I’m interested in before. So when I find myself doubting my capabilities due to another person’s success, these are some of the things that I do:

  1. Understand the Journey. I usually go back to the person’s first post on Instagram or their blog post from a year ago. This is a very important step for me because it always teaches me the power of consistency. It reinforces that nothing happens overnight and with hard work and dedication, I will get results. We all want overnight success but that isn’t realistic. What looks to you like overnight success, usually has a lot of blood, sweat, and tears behind it. 
  2. Pay My Respect. If I think you are doing great things that I aspire to do, I will tell you. I find that when I speak to that person and tell them how much I enjoy their posts, blog, Youtube video, etc, I realize that they are a normal person. This also helps me to say if she could do it, why can’t I. When you give others their accolades, they are more willing to help you in the future. Therefore if they know of an opportunity that they can’t take advantage of, they may pass it on to you or introduce you to others who could help you.



3. Take Notes. If you are noticing them, they are obviously doing something right. Pay attention to how they engage with their followers, how often they post, and some of their writing techniques. I pin, screenshot, and write down everything for ideas and inspiration. Just ensure that you don’t start copying them and their posts. You still want to remain unique or you will jeopardize your validity.



4. You are normal. Understand that blogger envy or the need to compare yourself to others is normal. It is a normal feeling that everyone goes through. It doesn’t make you jealous or a hater. Just the same way you are comparing yourself to someone, there is someone comparing themselves to you. So don’t be down on yourself for feeling this way. 

I know that it’s much easier said than done but focus on you and your blog because that is all that you have control over. I compare myself to me. Am I doing better than I was 6 months ago? What progress have I made? If I’m doing better than myself in the past, then I’m in good shape. Keep up your work and results will follow!

How do you deal with envy and constant comparison to others?

4 thoughts on “Inspiration vs. Envy: How to Overcome the Need to Compare?”

  1. This message is so important, especially for new entrepreneurs, influencers and bloggers who are easily discouraged. I will definitely be implementing some of these tips, thanks, Simone!

  2. Awww! It is so hard not to compare these days… It’s easy to get discouraged. Thanks for the support!

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