There’s nothing worse than going to do your makeup and realizing that your makeup collection is old and outdated. The foundation is no longer the right color, you’re tired of all your lipsticks and you are all out of mascara. That is exactly what happened to me last weekend.

I usually have a simple, minimal makeup routine that consists of foundation, a little concealer, mascara, and lipstick. I wanted to try to do a full beat after watching a couple YouTube videos but I realized I didn’t have most of the products necessary. At this point, I knew it was time for me to start building my makeup collection from scratch. So I went to the mall and my local drugstore to stock up on some essentials.


Here is a list of the products you need when rebuilding your makeup collection:

  1. Moisturizer. As I get older, I realize how important it is to make sure you are moisturizing daily. I like to use Olay Regenerist Night Cream.
  2. Foundation. I can not use foundation from the drug store because it is so difficult to find my perfect color match. I need to try many different shades before buying. I also notice that my shade changes drastically from season to season so I very rarely buy the same shade. I love to shop at Sephora because they have a tool that tests your skin and tells you the perfect match and the brands that carry shades for you. But currently I am using MAC Mineralize because I have dry skin and this foundation provides a lot of moisture.
  3. Beauty Blender. Where have I been? I just recently started using these and I’m not sure how I ever lived without them. It is so useful when applying foundation. It allows me to blend it in so well and it works even better when it is slightly damp. It is a bit pricey at $20 dollars for a sponge but I promise it is worth it. Get it here.
  4. Bronzer. I love bronzers because I love to have the summery glow all year long. I am more of a fan of the shimmery bronzers over the matte products. I am currently a fan of Milani Baked Bronzer.
  5. Eyeshadow. I’m not usually a big eyeshadow girl because I am not the best at applying it. But I am loving this palette that I got from Nordstrom recently. The makeup artist did my eyes with this and I fell in love with the color and how pigmented it is. Take a look here.
  6. Lipstick. I LOVE matte lipsticks. That is the one thing that I make sure to always have with me. I feel that a look isn’t complete without lipstick. I am in love with the MAC Retro Matte liquid lipsticks that I am wearing in the picture below. In that pic I am wearing Uniformly Fabulous.
  7. Mascara. No look is complete without mascara or lashes. I am not skilled with putting on lashes so I stick to a great mascara that isn’t clumpy and that adds volume and length to my lashes. I am currently loving this Benefit Mascara.