Meal prepping is so necessary for me when it comes to maintaining my healthy lifestyle. If I don’t meal prep, I find that it is easier for me to make bad decisions. If I am hungry and I have nothing prepared for a snack or meal, I will resort to a cheeseburger, pasta, Wendy’s, etc. I currently keep my routine very simple. I shop on Sundays and usually pick up a protein, fruits, vegetables, and one carb. As I continue on this journey, I plan to start being a little more adventurous with the meals that I plan.

1st Step: Plan and create a shopping list before heading to the supermarket. There have been many occasions where I would go to the store, buy all of my ingredients, get home and realize I didn’t get eggs, or strawberries, or something I was looking forward to. When this happens, I automatically feel defeated and end up not as successful with my meal prep. So now I ensure I make a comprehensive list before I leave the house. If I am following a recipe, I ensure I include ALL of the ingredients on that list.


2nd Step: cooking the Food: This part is easier for me then I would have originally thought. I usually do a stir-fry with a protein or seafood and vegetables. So that is a very quick and effortless meal. Then for the sides, I bake a couple sweet potatoes and mash them up. Then voila, I’m done! After that, I wash fruits, cut them up, and put in containers. Then, I gather all my snacks. I usually do 3 days worth of meals at a time because I am not a huge fan of leftovers so by Thursday, I am bored with the meals and really not interested in any meal that was cooked on Sunday.


Here is my meal for the week! I can’t wait to have this for the next three days! Do you meal prep? What are some of the recipes that you make to prepare for the week?


Have an amazing Monday and week!