What We Wore:

Mommy: Jeans / Top / Heels /

Zoie: Jeans / Top / Bag / Shoes (Marshall’s) / Sunglasses

Zoie really enjoys when we can dress up alike. She actually didn’t even like this shirt until she noticed that I had one similar. I think it’s so cute when I can find something for Zoie that is similar or the same as mine. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to have a girl. I wanted us to dress up alike and wear cute matching outfits.

Now that I have a little girl, I realize there is so much more to it than dressing alike. I  have a bigger responsibility to ensure that I am teaching her important lessons as a little girl. Here are some of the lessons that I plan to teach Zoie:

1.Be Happy In Your Skin: As a woman who is constantly dieting, working out, and trying to get in shape; I notice that I can say bad things about myself, such as “I hate my stomach”, “I’m so fat”, etc. Body issues begin in childhood years and stems from the negative things people say about their bodies. I want Zoie to be comfortable in her skin, regardless of size. Therefore, I try to refrain from body shaming around her.

2.Stand Up for Yourself: There will be people who will doubt your knowledge and skill because you are a woman. Zoie will be raised to stand up for what she believes in by being confident, knowledgeable, and open about her feelings and beliefs. I will raise her to be secure in her thoughts and dreams and to never allow anyone to make her second guess her worth.

3.Independence and Self-Sufficient: It is so important for a woman to know life skills from sewing, cleaning, cooking, changing a tire, etc. These are all skills that I didn’t and still don’t know as a young woman. I don’t feel that these skills should define you because you are a woman. I do believe that the more she knows the more prepared she will be for the world ahead of her. My plan is for her to learn alongside me and I will ensure she is involved in any activities that could benefit her in the future.

4.Feelings and Emotions are Normal: Women are taught to be strong, not to cry, and to suppress their feelings. This can sometimes lead to depression from holding so much in. I will encourage her to talk to me when she is feeling happy, sad, discouraged, indifferent, etc. I will help her work through her emotions so she can understand that emotions are temporary. Anytime she is feeling down, I will work with her to recognize her feelings, the situation that is causing the feelings, and how to resolve the situation. This will help her to understand the process of dealing with emotions in the future.

5. Follow Your Dreams. This is the last lesson but definitely not the least. I will teach her that there is not only one path to greatness. She must follow her own path and follow the one that her heart and passion takes her on. I will teach her that school and education is important because without it, she may not be able to follow the path her heart desires. I will teach her to do what she loves, not what she thinks are the appropriate steps. Living a life you love comes when you know who you are and what you are passionate about.

What lessons do you think are important to teach your daughters?