Happy Monday folks!!! This weekend was super busy for us, as we celebrated Zoie’s birthday poolside with family and friends. While going through all the pictures from the weekend, I started to think of all the reasons why I love the four year age gap between Zoie and Zack.

When I was younger, I always wanted my kids to be no more than 2 years apart just like me and my brother. I always thought of how I wanted them to grow up together and do things together like go to college, same school, similar friends, etc. Well for some reason, it didn’t happen that way. And when I was pregnant with Zack, I remember thinking how I wished they weren’t so far apart in age. I assumed they wouldn’t be close, they would have nothing in common, and they wouldn’t have a close bond. Boy was I wrong. They have the best relationship and Zack loves and adores his big sister. These are some of the reasons why I love their 4-year age gap:

The Help: Zoie has such a nurturing personality and she truly believes she is Zack’s second mom. She is so helpful with the care of Zack. She will go get him snacks, bring me diapers, feed him, and best of all, keep him entertained. Of course, she’s not old enough to babysit and change diapers , but the little things she does help with make a world of a difference.

Less Stress: I give so much props to moms with 2 under 2. I don’t think I could do it and maintain a healthy level of sanity. Imagine 2 kids who can’t talk, in diapers, and crying for what seems like no reason. I’ll pass!! Babies are a whole lot of work and I can only handle one at a time.

The Bond: I am not sure if this is normal in all sibling relationships with big age gaps, but Zoie and Zack are inseparable. Zack idolizes Zoie. He wakes up in the morning and the first person he asks for is Zoie. Zoie is super protective of Zack. She is always working to make sure he is okay. She doesn’t like to see him upset or crying.

I know that all kids are different and what might work for me, may not work for others but I have been enjoying my kids’ relationship. What’s the age difference of your kids and why do you love it?

12 thoughts on “Monday’s Mood: Loving the Age Gap”

  1. There’s a five year age gap between myself and my older Sister. I always felt as though she was a stronger role model because of it, and even now I look up to her so much. Plus, when you’re older I feel the age gap doesn’t mean as much. Thanks for sharing, Leanne x

  2. Yes…. I hope it stays the same for my kids! Because I know once you get older, they can start to drift also! Thanks of reading!

  3. I’m so glad you shared this! My daughter is 2 and I’m not ready to have another one but I know I want another one day. No body understands why I’d let there be an age gap like that but I always say I’ll wait until she’s around 4. Glad to know there are benefits of an age gap!

  4. Enjoy the time with her now because it does get harder to split your attention… And 2 toddlers seems like sooo much work!

  5. Interesting thoughts! I can absolutely see where you are coming from. My brother and I are less than two years apart and actually are not close at all.

  6. I enjoyed reading this post! My only child is 6 and the age gap between him and a potential sibling is a concern for me. Maybe it won’t be so bad after all! I could use his extra help and he could take on more responsibility as he gets older.

  7. Love this! I’m one of 7 and even though there are some big and small gaps, we’re all still close. I couldn’t imagine 2 under 2 for myself, but my mom had 4 under 5 in the 80s…GIRL!

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