Am I the only girl out there who has begun to reach for a pair of sneakers over heels? Don’t get me wrong, I still love a good pair of shoes. But, I am starting to become obsessed with sneakers. As a mom, it is cool to be able to still look fashionable and trendy while remaining comfortable. So when I am going out for a good time with the kids, cute kicks will definitely be my go-to.

I remember when sneakers were only acceptable for the gym and working out. These days, you can even wear sneakers with dressier fits. You can pair them with a t-shirt and distressed jeans for a casual look and then fitted jeans and a blazer for a more tailored look. When I am out looking for sneakers for the kids, I always end up finding cute styles for me too! I hope this trend stays around a lot longer!




Check out some other cute sneaker styles below:

Sneaker Love
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