I didn’t realize that at such a young age of 5 years old, I would be dealing with hair issues. This issue that she has with her hair, is something that has been going on for quite some time now. She would make comments here and there that I never thought much of. But once the comments started to become more frequent, I knew that I had to get behind this. The comments would range from “I wish I had hair like Elsa”, “I wish my hair was long” “Why don’t I have hair like yours”, etc.

So whenever I would hear her make any negative comment about her hair, we would have a long talk about how beautiful her hair is. We have read books to help her understand and appreciate her hair such as “I Love My Hair”. We would speak of all the pretty things she could do with her hair. She could do braids, puffs, curl, buns. You name, it we could do it. So she started to become very vocal of how she wanted her hair styled. She would always describe styles and the common theme is that she wanted it curly. So we have started to try some natural curly hair styles like the one pictured below. She has been looking forward to the end result, after it has dried for a couple of days.

We have come such a long way. She loves to write books and her latest book was titled “My Hair”. When she showed me the book I was so happy. She spoke about how her hair was the best and what she was going to do with her hair. I am happy to know thats she is starting to accept her hair and texture and love all the styles she can create. I will continue to show her images of beautiful women that resemble her and always tell her how beautiful and smart she is. It’s so important for young women to have high self-esteem and to love themselves and I will ensure that Zoie loves everything about herself.



3 Days Later: 

Her Book:


What other natural hair styles do you like for kids? How do you teach your children about self-love?

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