Anyone who really knows me can tell you that I have been on a diet since I was in middle school. I have struggled with weight issues and food for my entire life. Any diet that you can possibly think of, I have tried. I have never been the size I want to be or as healthy I can be. I am a self-proclaimed “foodie” and it’s hard to deprive myself of all the unhealthy, tasty treats that I love so much. So this journey is definitely something that takes a lot of planning and dedication.

After having two kids, everything became that much harder. No energy, no time, lack of motivation, lack of planning. All of these things seem to get in the way. But I have told myself that this would be the year that I make fitness a priority. No fad diets, no diet pills. Just a focus on eating healthy and maintaining a fitness regimen. When I take the time to eat healthy and workout, it doesn’t only make me look better but I begin to feel better as well. It makes me a better person, better mom, better friend, and leader. When I start my day with exercise, I am more likely to have an amazing day.

I make sure to remind myself daily that this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. And with consistency and dedication, I will wear a bikini before I die. 😁. Some of the things I do to remain consistent are…….

1. Schedule my workouts on Sunday. If I don’t plan it, it doesn’t happen. I pick out what workouts I will do for every day of the week. That way I ensure I mentally prepare for it and if I need any equipment I have it ready ahead of time. I even plan out my workout clothes ahead of time. There should be nothing to get in the way. My schedule for this week is Mon: Gym (cardio); Tue: workout video (upper body); Wed: Herballife Fit Camp; Thur: workout video (yoga); Friday: gym (cardio/lower body); Saturday: workout video(cardio); Sunday: rest

2. Take progress pics. Sometimes the scale doesn’t reflect all of your victories. After being healthy and working out for a week or so, and not seeing the numbers change on the scale can be defeating. That’s why I focus on progress pics from one week to the next. Seeing a little more definition in your arms, a roll in your side go down, jeans fitting better, or noticing the difference in pictures is what keeps me motivated and keeps me going.

3. Confidence. Getting dressed up daily and putting on makeup keeps me motivated, as well. I find that when I don’t take pride in my daily appearance, I don’t take the time to live a healthy lifestyle. Knowing that I want to look good in that black dress or low rise jeans, keeps me hitting the gym.

4. Treat myself. As previously stated, I am a foodie and I love to eat. So I ensure that I have a cheat meal or a reward meal weekly. This keeps me focused throughout the week because I have to earn the meal. If i don’t work out or I slip and eat a donut, I can not have the cheat meal. And usually the cheat meal is something I love more than that donut I didn’t even enjoy.

5. Plan my meals ahead of time. This is my biggest opportunity out of all. I do not do this as consistently as I would like. But I do notice that when I do take the time, it makes my week so much better. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, baking a chicken or fish and steaming some vegetables or sweet potato ahead of time makes it easier to stick to your healthy meal options. If nothing else, I ensure I start my day with an Herballife shake. This is always a great start to my day.

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